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February 20, 2004
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NapoleonComplex by shespeaksofnothing NapoleonComplex by shespeaksofnothing
"..though she is small, she is fierce."

About the right scale I think, though it looks kinda wonky. I R very small.
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D'aw. So cute.

I love how you do snowleopard tails :heart:
^_^' Aw! I love the overall feeling I get from this pic...all cute and bubbly.
arcticpaw Mar 4, 2004
Aww... awesome. I know how it is to be a lil' short XD
shinyobjects Feb 21, 2004   Photographer
We likes it. :) A very good representation of the Kami. To's kind of like you're facing off to Matt..."damn you my bracelet is pretty!" *shrugs* actually for some reason the black-haired one reminds me of him.
It's just like my mind... really small...
SNOW LEOPARD.... and stuff. I like the proportions on it. :D
Hah hah hah! ^_^

This one is so cute!

You show once again that you're the queen of furry art. I mean, the expression on her face as she sticks her tounge out at him, the super~pleased smirk on his snout, you just put so much, what's the word? Emotion into the expressions, that you just have to feel for your characters.

^_^ The Juxtiposition between the two is just delicious. The cute little feline standing tall and proud against the giant teddybear of a canine. X D They just look so cute together, even if he is a head taller than her. I just love his look, he looks so strong, so tough, and gruff, like he'd be somethin' you'd be scared to get close to, but the look on his eyes and lips (can you say lips? You know what I mean) make him look so cuddly and approachable. ^_^ And she looks so cute and cuddly, but defiant, like she doesn't need to be doted on, she can do things for herself, dependant, that's the word. Like you said, "Napoleon Complex". She knows she may be tall, but she knows that it doesn't make her weak. She wouldn't ask anyone to do anything for her that she couldn't do herself. X D That little tounge just says so much. "What?" It's like she's saying, "Am I supposed to be impressed?" while at the same time, being playful.

Ah, I know! ^_^ They're both strong, yet cute at the same time. That's what I was trying to say. The large one may seem all tough and imposing by his size (especially in comparison) but his face shows that he's really a sweetie, while she may be small and cute, but she's showing at the same time that she's not just another cute face, she's dependable as well. ^_^ I love their outfits as well. Like it's already been said, excellent work on the Grumpy Jumper. His shirt looks like it's image is rather familiar too, if he wasn't covering it up. I love the way that you draw pants, too. I've always thought that it's a pretty groovy style, the way the cuffs are frayed, and how the females usually have bell~bottoms. I love his pants though, like two giant trunks, thrusting him upward. Very groovy. I love their hair a lot, as well. Excellent highlight work, and groovy style. (His hairstyle is so kickass. ^_^)

*sigh* Really great stuff, Kami~chyan, once again. Wonderful colors, shading, and highlights, great posing and anatomy structure, keen fashion, it's got it all, put together rather well. ^_^ I like this one a lot. :heart:
GAH! i have to stop commenting on my own image!
ONE MORE THING: his shirt is kinda like that Evangaleon shirt that you had. that one just kinda sticks out in my mind for some reason. but anyway, i couldn't remember exactly what it looked like, so kind improvised.
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